Widdershins – emporium of cobwebs and cantrips, fairy tale and foolishness, whimsy and wonder, oddities and.. um.. other things.

Original mesh home decor for your virtual homes, available in Second Life®.

Widdershins is the next step in a creative journey that began with by Chiana Oh – a store that grew out of a blog, into art, then modifying mesh templates, until I finally managed to bring my own original mesh to life.

The focus of Widdershins will be the things I’ve enjoyed making the most – whimsical home decor, cute horror, magical items, and things that are a little bit weird. Think fairy tales and all-year-round Halloween!

My art will also find a new lease of life and a new home, moving forward. I will update this with more info when it’s ready.

Some items previously released under by Chiana Oh have been rebranded to Widdershins. If you have already bought them under by Chiana Oh, you will still be able to request a redelivery from the redelivery points.

If you’re looking to buy a previous release and can’t find it, send me a message, and I’ll sort something out.

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