Escape the Ordinary

Escape the Ordinary Hunt 4 | July 1st – 20th | 2L Hunt Prize

It’s time for another extraordinary hunt – one of my favourite themes – which I’m proud to sponsor, with all sponsor fees going to the Trussel Trust.

My item is what every spider plant needs – a spider plant stand! With great horticulturability comes great stability.. or something. I don’t know..

(I’m also thinking of trying to do a carnivorous plant version in the future – stay tuned!)

If you’re not a huge 8-legged fan – don’t fear! – you can also rez the plant separately. The leaves of the plant are also tintable (instructions in included notecard, if you need them). I’ve already made them a greenish shade, but the base texture is black and white – so go nuts* (well, *nuts and black.. because the black bits are pretty much always going to be black..). And for a more futuristic look, you could always add a bit of glow.

As usual, this will be a full-price release when the hunt is over, so grab it for 2L while you can!

I hope you enjoy this prize, along others from all the fabulous designers – you can find all of the prize previews and hints over on the official blog here.

Enjoy! <3

TAXI to my store where my prize is hidden.
HINT – Chilling with the pumpkins..

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