Do Androids Dream of… Twisted Cyberpunk?

Twisted Cyberpunk Hunt Prize | Free
Mar 1 – 31

Twisted is back with a brilliant new theme – Cyberpunk – this might be one of my favourites so far!

I’m very happy to be again taking part in this epic hunt, and my prize is pictured above – my little homage to a sci-fi classic. I had so much fun with it, I’m planning on expanding the idea further – so look out for more editions once the hunt is over.

In case one Twisted cube just isn’t enough for you to hunt for, I’ve also hidden an additional 10 decoy cubes around my land (all cubes are within 30m of the landing spot). Each of these decoy cubes contains a notecard which will give you a promo code for 50% off one of my items.

So that’s 10 promo codes to collect for 10 different products at my main store.
The codes will be valid until the end of April 12th, to give you chance to catch up with everything. Promo codes can only be used at vendors in my main store location (Lunalis).

My prize (and promo codes) can be found at my main store.

The hunt start location is at Twisted HQ.
The official blog is here with loads of info about the hunt.
You can also see some of the other prizes available at Twisted’s Flickr and Facebook.
And there’s a friendly and helpful group for any help needed along the way:
secondlife:///app/group/73770da7-7d71-a54e-6e86-60a3e9281e07/about (copy and paste into local chat to bring up the group link).

I hope you enjoy the hunt, and I truly hope you and yours are safe and well <3

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