Going Into the Woods

Into the Woods Cart Sale + Hunt | October 1st – 31st | 2L Hunt Prize

Wooo! It’s time for another fab I Heart the Cart sale and hunt! I’ve made two brand new things – the first is the vicious table (picture above).. because haunted wood makes fiesty furniture.. just make sure it doesn’t dine on you! Hunt about the sim to find it for 2L – and here is the full prize list from the official blog.

Also new is the latest in my collage-type pictures (below) – because I can’t get enough of Halloweenie puns.

You can find this picture on my cart, along with a free gift and some 10L items. I’ve resurrected a few old favourites that had yet to be rebranded, and it will probably be a while before they’re added to the store, so grab them while you can.

And as always, enjoy the fantastic sim and atmosphere <3
TAXI to the cart sale and hunt landing point

Back in the Day

2L Hunt Prize | Mainstore Hunt | October 1st-31st

It’s been a while, but I’m back! I was delighted to be invited to the latest Stuff My Inventory Hunt – I have fond memories of being a part of one of their Unknown hunts showcasing new creators back in 2013 (as by Chiana Oh) when I didn’t even make my own mesh. I was also delighted to also sponsor this hunt – with the sponsor fees being donated to Latch – the Welsh Children’s Cancer Charity.

After an extended break from building, in which I also moved house in RL, it seems appropriate that my first event this year has a nostalgia theme as it lets me look back and take stock a little. As a late Gen-X-er, my nostalgia is mostly 80s-90s based, and for an October hunt, I had to find some way of making it all about the ‘ween, so turning Dracula into RADcula was the obvious choice.. or something. I mean, immortal beings do probably follow fashion trends to fit in, even if they are undead creatures of the night? Right? Now I can’t get the image of a monster in a shell suit out of my head… the RUSTLING alone would alert any prey ?

Anyway.. the framed picture also comes with the four pumpkins pictured with their appropriate 90s-squiggle patterns and garish colours. I hope you enjoy!

You can find all of the prize previews and hints over on the official blog here.

TAXI to my store where my prize is hidden.
HINT – Bats are bodacious!

It’s A Monster Party!

Monster Party Cart Sale + Hunt | 2L Hunt Item, Free Gift, 10L Bargain Item
Oct 1-31st

It’s here! My favourite month of the year :0)

To kick it off with a bang – I’m participating in the always brilliant I Heart the Cart Sale and Hunt! The theme this time is Monster Party and I had a lot of fun creating for it! In addition to a sim-wide 2L hunt, there free gifts and 10L items on every cart – take a look and enjoy the spooky atmosphere!

You can see all the hunt prizes on offer over on the official event blog.

And here is your TAXI to the event landing point.

The cupcakes above are a brand new release, and can be found on my cart for 75L. Scroll down for my hunt prize, and free gift (both new) and my 10L bargain item.

“The Count” Monster Cupcake is a Free Gift and can be found on my cart.
This new “Happy Howl-o-ween” picture is my 2L hunt prize – you are looking for candy corn.
This previously released “Made for You” picture is on my cart for 10L for the duration of the event.

A Spoonful of Sugar Helps MSF

Spoonful of Sugar Event Supporting MSF
September 18th – October 2nd

I’m delighted to be involved with this year’s Spoonful of Sugar: Mexico event packed full of items donating to the amazing Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières. You can read all about the event, its impressive calendar of activities, and how it supports MSF over on the event blog.

For my part, I have made several new items donating 100% of their sales to MSF. In my event store you will find these squishy and not-at-all prickly ‘Free Hugs’ Cactus sets. There are 3 colour sets available, plus a discounted fatpack containing all three sets plus a bonus tintable version. I loved making these, and I hope you love them too!

If you scroll down, you will also see my new items for the fab Chupacabra group hunt and the bargain 10L ‘A little something sweet’ (look for a skull sugar bowl!). Again, 100% donations.

I’ve also dotted the store with a few of my more popular previous releases, donating 50% to MSF.

I hope you get a chance to visit this event, support if you can, and take a stroll around the atmospheric and beautifully decorated sims!

Main Event Landing Point
Widdershins SOS Event Store
(Sim 5)

Chupacabra Hunt:
Join the hunt group (500L fee) for a cute Chupacabra plushie and access to all the hunt prizes. My prize is this set of painted skull candle holders, and you can see the rest of the prizes on offer over on the official hunt page HERE.

10L ‘a little something sweet’ item:

Going Beyond the Veil with Twisted

Twisted Beyond the Veil Hunt Prize | Free
September 1 – 30

I’ve sat out too many Twisted Hunts in the last year, so I’m very happy to have been able to create for one again! This Fall’s theme is “Beyond the Veil” which I absolutely love.

It inspired me to think about different methods by which we try to contact the dead (or how the spirits may contact us…). I had a few ideas, but the one that stuck was using the shape and some design elements of the planchette which was a popular mediumship device in its own right, and then became part of the the (in)famous Ouija board.

I put a little nod to the hunt theme in the title of the biggest book, which also has the theme colours.

My prize can be found *somewhere* in my main store.
Once the hunt is over, it will be priced at 150L – so grab it for free while you can!

The hunt start location is at Twisted HQ.
The official blog is here with loads of info about the hunt.
You can also see some of the other prizes available at Twisted’s Flickr and Facebook.
And there’s a friendly and helpful group for any help needed along the way:
secondlife:///app/group/73770da7-7d71-a54e-6e86-60a3e9281e07/about (copy and paste into local chat to bring up the group link).

Happy hunting and good luck! <3

Positivity @ RFL Home & Garden Expo 2021

Home & Garden Expo for RFL
Feb 27 – Mar 21

I’m so happy to be at Home Expo again! I still haven’t been able to create as much as I would like, but I wanted to try and get something special out for this awesome event.

I figured we all need a little extra support right now, so I made what I’m calling a “Little Jar of Positivity.” It’s inspired by the affirmation jars and such that you can make/buy in RL with little notes in that you can pick out and read when you’re feeling a little down. I’ve always loved that idea and wanted to bring that to SL in my own way.

The jar is scripted so that when someone touches it, it will send a random message out in chat. I’ve included a few simple things that have helped me at times – but it’s very customisable in that you can alter the notecard to add anything you like. I’ve included public and private chat channel versions so you can decide if you want everyone to see the message it gives in chat when touched or just have it private for the person that touched it. More info is in the included notecard.

At the moment you can only find this jar for sale in my Expo store in the mall at Hope 2 – TAXI

100% of sales of the jar are donated to the Expo cause. As I wasn’t able to make much else new for the Expo this year, I’ve also set everything else in my store there to donate 50%. You can also find my previous releases below as a 10L hunt prize (usually 75L, 100% donated) and a free gift.

I hope you get chance to visit the Expo – it’s always a fantastic event to look around with lots going on – you can find out more about it here on the official blog.

Until next time, lovelies! <3

Long December

Long December Cart Sale + Hunt | 2L Hunt Prize
Dec 1 – 31

It’s been a long year. But snow is falling and winter magic is in the air over at the latest I Heart the Cart Sale + Hunt.

For my hunt prize, I made the above set of candles. I’ve included two versions so that you can either turn the candles off individually advent-style, or all on and off together (uses fewer script resources).

There are additional bargains to be discovered as each cart has something for sale at just 10L, and there is nothing priced over 100L. You may also find a free gift or three!

You can find out more about the sale and see all the hunt prizes on offer over on the official I Heart the Cart blog – here.
And here’s a SLURL directly to the sale – TAXI.

More news soon. Until then, I hope you enjoy the sale – wishing you a truly magical holiday season.

Chia <3

Do Androids Dream of… Twisted Cyberpunk?

Twisted Cyberpunk Hunt Prize | Free
Mar 1 – 31

Twisted is back with a brilliant new theme – Cyberpunk – this might be one of my favourites so far!

I’m very happy to be again taking part in this epic hunt, and my prize is pictured above – my little homage to a sci-fi classic. I had so much fun with it, I’m planning on expanding the idea further – so look out for more editions once the hunt is over.

In case one Twisted cube just isn’t enough for you to hunt for, I’ve also hidden an additional 10 decoy cubes around my land (all cubes are within 30m of the landing spot). Each of these decoy cubes contains a notecard which will give you a promo code for 50% off one of my items.

So that’s 10 promo codes to collect for 10 different products at my main store.
The codes will be valid until the end of April 12th, to give you chance to catch up with everything. Promo codes can only be used at vendors in my main store location (Lunalis).

My prize (and promo codes) can be found at my main store.

The hunt start location is at Twisted HQ.
The official blog is here with loads of info about the hunt.
You can also see some of the other prizes available at Twisted’s Flickr and Facebook.
And there’s a friendly and helpful group for any help needed along the way:
secondlife:///app/group/73770da7-7d71-a54e-6e86-60a3e9281e07/about (copy and paste into local chat to bring up the group link).

I hope you enjoy the hunt, and I truly hope you and yours are safe and well <3

RFL Home & Garden Expo 2020

100% Donation Item

Home & Garden Expo for RFL
Feb 13 – Mar 4

I’m so happy to be joining the huge annual Home & Garden Expo again, which raises money for Relay For Life of Second Life, which in turn fundraises for the American Cancer Society.

Each designer is launching two new designs exclusive to the expo for its duration, which donate 100% of their proceeds to this amazing cause. My items are the crescent moon bookcase with its magical star light (pictured above) and – a modern take on an ancient design – the triquetra coffee table (see below).

I’m also taking part in the Expo hunt – scroll down to see the preview of my hunt item (again, new and exclusive), which is a framed edited version of a RL photo I took at the magical Castlerigg Stone Circle near Keswick in the UK. The hunt items cost just 10L, and all proceeds are donated.

In addition to my new items, you can find a few previous releases marked up to donate 50% of their proceeds dotted around my Expo store.

As always, there is a lot to enjoy at the expo, not just shopping! You can find full details of all the stores involved, and the full calendar of events over on the official blog here. There is also an official Flickr group which can be found here.

My expo store is in the mall on Hope 4 – here.

I hope you enjoy the event! <3

100% Donation Item
10L Hunt Item (100% Donation)


Escape the Ordinary Hunt Prize | Free
Feb 1 – 20

Escape the Ordinary in this February hunt from Stuff My Inventory Hunts. The brief was to use our imaginations and go crazy. Apparently, in my brain, that leads to unconventionally opening drawers concealing ducks. Well, why not?!

You can get both the “ducked” and “unducked” versions of this outside-the-cube of drawers for free by finding and clicking on the hunt prim (a little suitcase). Once the hunt has ended (Feb 20th), it will be available to buy as a full-price release up on Plant Narf.

Hunt for it in my main store: TAXI
Check out all the prizes and hints over at the Stuff My Inventory Hunts blog.